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Monday, July 6, 2015

Danforth East Mural: It's Done!

During the wee hours of May 19, the windows of Pioneer HQ were rattling with what sounded like dump trucks cruising up and down our usually serene street, awaking even the soundest sleeper in the house. Finally managing to catch a glimpse out the midnight window, we discovered it was a TTC bus. Enraged, we wondered why they were driving empty buses up and down a side street on the Monday of a long weekend.  Our sleepy consciousness would never have settled on the truth, that someone had just been murdered only 700m away from our door (and closed down a major bus route). It wasn't until the next morning that the reality of nocturnal Danforth descended on us. At first, we were much like everyone else, grappling with disbelief and not content with the middling answers of our politicians. Once the dust settled though, Pioneer knew we had to take action and do something symbolic and positive, to let the world know Danforth East is still a great place where people care about their 'hood.

Thanks to DECA who not only provided funding for the project but also connected Pioneer with neighbourhood volunteer Sherry Lin, a super-mom of two plus a community thinktank 'thinker' in her day job. Two heads are better than one and the idea for our 100in1day #danfortheast mural was born. 

It was quite a feat to witness, and we are so thankful to everyone who came out and helped paint a picture of what Danforth East means to them. The finished result is 25 feet of heart! 

Drumroll please......and here it is! 

The mural has finally made it to its public debut, one month to the day, on the boards next to 1801 Danforth. It took some convincing to get it there, but Daddy Pioneer really just wanted it out of the HQ's basement so he volunteered to do most of the labour to hang it. Thanks! 

Please take a stroll by and take in some of the loveliness, and if you weren't able to contribute, let us know Danforth East means to YOU in the comments below! 

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