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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's In The Oven: New Pizzeria On Danforth

Pioneer loves breaking the news about a  new business opening up, particularly when it's food related, however this new resto announcement is a bit bitter sweet. We happened to notice an open door and some construction happening at 1450 Danforth this past weekend and popped our head in to investigate. The former Marrakech Restaurant is being overhauled and already has a new facade and exterior. The inside was a construction zone, but one of the crew stopped to chat and shared that there would be a new Magic Oven Pizza opening up. A call to the company's Danforth location confirmed that this is in fact true: the current location will be closing and shifting down to our neck of the woods at the end of July.

Although we're glad a solid business is opening up on this strip, this will have an impact on our favourite local pizzeria Gerrard Pizza & Spaghetti, who are on that block and already make a long list of fresh custom pizzas the way that mama used to make them.

Hopefully there's room for everyone: the experience at both places will be completely different as people head to Gerrards to say hi to Vito and wave to their neighbours over a glass of house wine, while Magic Oven is a destination for pizza lovers from all over (either pick up or dine in).

The take-out and delivery option at Magic Oven will probably generate a lot more car traffic issues, but looking at the glass half-full made us realize this will also create more foot traffic which is what this block needs. So although there might be double-parked delivery cars jamming up Danforth on occasion, more people will be walking to pick up their pizza pie!

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