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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Starbucks Coming To Danforth East

While we haven't been able to get a statement from the mother ship just yet, the news around the neighbourhood is that a Starbucks is going in at 1417 Danforth. Our unofficial source spoke to someone that was actually official who confirmed that yes, there will be a Starbucks location opening up there.

Pioneer loves her Red Rocket and Celina's and Serendipity Bakery. And all the other small coffee shops that have kept us wired for the last decade, so it will be sad to see the impact on all these friendly neighbourhood places.

But we're pretty sure that there is enough coffee to go around. Plus, nobody makes Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies quite like Red Rocket. And we're not going to Starbucks for a cheddar jalepeno scone (#celenasfavourite).

So although there might be some backlash, consider this article from the U.S. that suggests real-estate follows the Starbucks effect and not-vice versa. They pick the "next hot neighbourhood" and real-state values soar. So to quote Barry Manilow everyone, it looks like we made it - if you're thinking like a real estate baron. If you're considering everything else about our neighbourhood, we think this place made it already a long time ago. #lovedanfortheast


  1. Looking at the city's planning website reveals an application:

  2. Interesting. I've gotten to like Starbucks over the past few years so my loyalty will probably be divided depending on line ups. :)

  3. Is Top Notch Leaving?!?!?!?!