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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zen Kitchen Ninja: Our Chopped Canada Chef

Working in a restaurant kitchen isn’t necessarily a battleground but for Morgan’s executive chef and Chopped Canada champion Anne Sorrenti, going to battle on the infamous Food Network show meant being a little bit of a warrior even if she didn’t know it. If you, like Pioneer, tuned in to the show this past Saturday you will have seen one of our favourite neighbourhood chefs up against some tough competition in the kitchen arena. We weren’t worried for a minute though, since we’ve always had a love affair with many many dishes on the Morgan's menu – most recently the mouthwatering brisket tacos.  So. Much. Yum. But we digress…..

True to character, Anne moved through all the challenges in the Chopped Canada kitchen with the determination of a ninja but the steady head (and hand!) of a zen master. No ruffled feathers on her end, even after being challenged to make an entree using sour gummy worms and leftover butter chicken. In her own words, Anne says that she didn't go on the show to be someone else and wanted to remain focused and thoughtful just as she would in her own kitchen.

"On the show, you can tell the other contestants didn't think I would make it past the first round, but as I said, I knew they would underestimate me because I didn't have culinary training and am industry trained," she told Pioneer over a table at Morgan's. "But I love cooking, I've been working in kitchens since I was 15. I brought that experience to the show and to the competition."

In the end, her practical approach – and three pretty stellar dishes - won her $10,000 and won Morgan’s the bragging rights of a Chopped Canada champion. And about keeping it a secret from everyone? 

"I'm so happy to be able to talk about if finally! I've been holding this inside for almost a year!" she told us with a huge smile. 

In all honesty, Pioneer believes that although this is great for Anne and Morgan’s, we didn’t need the Food Network to tell the world what we already knew! Anne is an amazing executive chef who plans menus that are fresh, exciting and gastronomically superior to a lot of other restaurants. Most importantly, the quality of the ingredients and the quality of the meal are of the utmost importance to Anne and it shows at the table time and time again. 

If you didn't see the dramatic kitchen showdown, you can watch it online at Food Network Canada or you can just head over to Morgan's and see our real-life celebrity chef in action in her own kitchen!

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