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Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to Us!

Six years ago today, a small community minded blog was launched into the world and never looked back! Our first month of blogging covered the opening of Legacy Spinning, the 'new' Starbucks at Jones and a mysterious coffee shop called Double Shots. Take a spin through our archives and read some of the gems from the past - we hunted down the best arancini, tried out Moroccan restaurants, went on some walking adventures and watched 800 people line up for Carter's opening day.

Thank you so much to the readers who have stuck with us over the last six years, watching this neighbourhood change for the better through our eyes and words. It's been a great experience to be part of. And you're all part of it too - the ground swell of change happening along east Danforth. There is no better place to live in Toronto if you ask us, and even our 50 things list doesn't do this neighbourhood justice.

To celebrate the milestone, and to say thanks to all our readers, we're throwing another East End Pioneer party (anyone remember Run/Walk/Pubcrawlin'???) so stay tuned for the details.

Here's to hoping that the next six years are as exciting as the ones that just passed!

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