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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Errors & Omissions

We have a lot on our minds these days, over here at Pioneer! So many new things are going on around Danforth East it's sometimes hard to keep up. Our Top 50 list was pruned and polished before we unveiled it to the world, however, there arose such a hue and cry over some accidental inclusions and deliberate exclusions that we wanted to clear the air. 

The East York Civic Centre Farmers' Market has been on the list for years, but accidentally slipped off this year much to their chagrin. A lovely gentleman named Peter emailed us to say they would love a shout out. So here you are Peter: East York Farmer's Market starts Tuesday May 12. Don't miss their baked goods and cured meats alongside all the great produce. We're looking forward to spring fresh asparagus! 

And you all yelled: what about Relish???? Well, we needed to give some love to new restos in the hood, plus we think the food is a little pricey. We still love their live music though so they are unofficially the 51st addendum! 

Sadly the news about the death of Robert Charpentier, the owner of Comics & More, did not reach us at Pioneer HQ so we included it on the list. However, even though the store is now closed we aren't taking it off. Within the communal social narrative of this neighbourhood, Robert will live on as the comic book guy in many many people's memories (which you can see here on Reddit) so we're leaving it on as a tribute to his years of dedication bringing joy to people through comics and illustration. 

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