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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Everyone Knows This Local

Pioneer and the juniors, plus a whole gaggle of other tiny friends, finally made it out to @EveryonesLocal - otherwise known as Local 1794, the restaurant we broke the news about way back last summer when it was just a sign and some craft paper. We're sorry we took so long!

We don't want to write too much, since it's already been covered by The Star over here and by BlogTO here. What we do want to do though is highlight how user friendly this local gem is. The Junior Pioneers were in fine form as usual, throwing cutlery and making a good old mess at the table. Our server took it all in stride, even going so far as to hunt down some steamed broccoli for us. We didn't exactly love our veggie burger, but that's probably because we shouldn't have ordered a veggie burger. The pizza, exquisite! Wine list pretty solid. Lots of taps for beer lovers.

Although the restaurant was empty when we arrived, it was packed solid when we left. As Pioneer and our menagerie of children and strollers blew a storm path to the front door we noticed that almost every table had a small child at it. This is not an accident. Parents with young children hunt down family-friendly places like prey, soaking in the opportunity to have someone else wait on you hand and foot, drink in hand, while the tiny minions ruin the place. We are all thankful for establishments like Local 1794 that have patience and a good menu. Cheers to many more happy hours on the Danforth!

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