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Monday, March 16, 2015

Top 50 Danforth East

There are 50 NEW Reasons to Love Danforth East in 2015!

We here at Pioneer will be the first to admit we haven't done a great job with the new year's resolutions that we blogged about on our Danforth East resolutions post.  However, we kept our promise and pulled together a new 50 Reasons To Love Danforth East for 2015 and here it is (in no specific order!):

1. #1 will always be 'the people'...
2. Easy transit access
3. Red Rocket Coffee
4. The slide at Monarch Park Pool
5. Still only 4km to the Beach!
6. Carter's Ice Cream
7. The Homemade Oreo Cookie from Celina's bakery
8. S. Walter Stewart Library 
9. East Lynn Park on Thursday afternoons
10. The Chocolate Something at Morgan's
11. Gerrard Pizza - celebrating 50 years next year!
12. Only minutes from emerg at Toronto East General
13. #wethemeat
14. The trails at Taylor Creek Park
15. Cappuccino at Seb's walk up window
16. Eating with your hands at Rendez-vous Cafe
17. Happy Sushi! 
18. The first Toronto Tool Library
19. Melanie's amazing menu 
20. Bus Terminal Friday night curry
21. The Linsmore is ROCKING!
22. Doggy vacations at Canine Social Club
23. The west facing patio at Sarah's in the Spring
24. Spinning with Andy
25. Spring tuneups from the helpful staff at Cyclepath
26. The best selection of toys at Silly Goose Kids
27. The jewelry at Artisans At Work
28. Comic geniuses at Comics & More
29. The Danforth East Arts Fair

30. The Pumpkin Parade

31. Peak Freans Cookie Outlet on O'Connor
32. Kimbourne Drop-in for moms and kids
33. The Foam Store - a valuable resource for DIYers
34. Pegasus Studio for Pilates and Kindermusik
35. The deals at Ages & Stages (oh the deals!!)
36. Bison burgers from Royal Beef
37. No excuses: 2 yoga studios, 2 pilates studios, 2 gyms, a spinning studio and CrossFit. 
38. Lots of people to run with
39. The Pop-Up Shop revolution
40. The Wren is always hopping
41. The back patio at Sauce
42. Wash Your Own Dog at WAG on Danforth
43. A pretty decent Value Village
44. Sandwiches at Stock N Trade
45. The vinyl collection at Circus Coffee
46. We have our own tshirts (I heart EY)
47. To die for croissants at Patisserie La Cignone
48. Houses with character
49. Peaceful streets
50. Front porch socializing


  1. what about

    music nights at Relish
    the superior produce at Valumart and the great meat deals
    Gledhill school
    the condo is finally built, now let's hope something decent goes in the retail space.
    the scones at Cake town
    the new Viking Bakery
    all the new restaurants that have sprung them!

  2. FYI No. 28 - Comics & More - is no more. The owner (Robert Charpentier) passed away quite unexpectdly and no new owner could be found.
    RIP Robert Charpentier -- Your knowledge of the industry and your committment to the Danforth East community will be missed.

  3. Thanks for pulling this list together - a great resource, especially for those of us learning about the area.