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Monday, December 29, 2014


Pioneer hasn't updated our 50 Reasons to Love Danforth East in awhile and it's that time of year when people tell their best friends on Facebook or their pet Tamagotchis about their resolutions for the new year. So, as the final countdown approaches we are prepping for 2015 with some new resolutions to share with you, actual people that live here and love it just like us:

1. Pioneer wants to bring you the new 50 Reasons! We're going to a) test lots of food b) drink lots of drinks and c) check out lots of things blossoming around the neighbourhood to make a stellar list.

2. This year will see some changes and possibly some blog posts too. We're tinkering with a format change and we might even get our act together to do some reader polls.

3. Our biggest resolution is that we want to get back to Pioneering. That means discovering the hidden gems and undiscovered wonders of this neighbourhood. Yes, we still want to cover new restaurant openings and cool shops but this is just a reminder to ourselves (because let's face it, Pioneer's memory belongs in a home for the old and creaky these days) that we can't forget our origins on this blog, or in this neighbourhood.

We hope you'll keep sending us your opinions! Email with your favourite things, comments and hidden gems that we can share with the world (before BlogTO does anyway...).

XO and Happy New Year,


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