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Friday, December 19, 2014

Looking to the East

At Pioneer homestead we usually try and stick to a pretty healthy kitchen but with the pressures of work and the Juniors' picky palates, it's fair to say we hit the golden arches way more than we really should. If you're in the same boat, you'll be happy to hear about Danforth East's newest delectable destination called East of York Gourmet Food Emporium at 1904 Danforth.

When Pioneer popped in earlier today to meet chef and proprietor Ashvin (or Ash as everyone calls him), the space was already filled with delectable aromas as he prepped for his soft opening day. He wasted no time in helping us fill our belly with his first offerings while chatting happily about how East Of York went from dream to reality.

A former banker turned caterer, Ash had a vision to bring healthy (affordable) gourmet to the people of East York in a store-front catering format. He has lived in and around East York for practically his whole life and has witnessed the change in the neighbourhood first hand. He feels proud to be part of this community (and has a 1.5 minute commute to work!). In his own words he says "it feels good be part of something special happening here". Well, we're glad to have you!

All the East of York menu items are $1 each or 12 pieces for $11 and the offerings will rotate every few months. Ash promises they will be low in saturated fats, low in sodium but very high in deliciousness. It's mostly small fare, but enough of a combination that a family or four could easily fill up for dinner.

The international menu is currently highlighting Ash's Guyanese and Indian background. As soon as we popped (ok, crammed!) a samosa into our mouth, we realized Ash is a miracle worker. The warm little packet of kale and jerk chicken (which was baked instead of deep fried) was the best thing we've noshed on in a long time. And don't get us started on the caramelized walnuts....

East of York is open every day from 11 - 7 except for Mondays and holidays! Bon Appetit!

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