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Sunday, September 28, 2014

London Calling!

Anyone who has ever tried to squeeze up to the bar, or waited patiently for a table at The Wren on any night other than Monday, knows that this neighbourhood is dying for more gastropubs - or really, anything that serves good food and has a few taps. The ironic sign at new Brit-inspired gastropub The Burough may have thrown a few people off, but after realizing it wasn't actually an outpost of East York city hall or a constituency office, we're certain many will be queuing up on September 30 when it opens its doors.

We were expecting some tongue-in-cheek British ambiance but the first thing Pioneer loved about this place was the archive prints of Danforth East adorning the walls. The pictures reinforce immediately that The Burrough is keenly aware of its place and its role within this local community.

Before talking about the menu, proprietors Richard and Jason walked Pioneer through the pillars of their gastropub dream: community, local, sustainable. Richard lives a few minutes walk away and loves that the Danforth East community feels like his neighbourhood growing up. This became his inspiration for jumping into the restaurant business. With his partner Jason in charge of the menu, the two dreamed up a vision that weaves community together with food. A British-inspired gastropub with a local twist.

They've not only committed to a local menu, but are practicing what they preach by using community resources as much as possible. The London-inspired exterior was created by a Danforth sign shop and the eight British and European style draught taps were installed by a local technician.

Getting back to the menu, Jason says he's keeping it tight so their tiny kitchen can stick to the mandate of staying local. Pioneer's mouth was watering dreaming about the bangers & mash or the Ontario pickerel fillet with roasted cauliflower. Richard insisted that the place will be family friendly and welcome kids just like a British pub (we're pretty sure the $17 Mac & Cheese with aged cheddar and goat’s milk parmesan will go to waste on the Junior Pioneers though).

It's a long way from London, but Pioneer thinks this sleek little pub will be a great place to have a pint and "support the economy"!

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