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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kids! Kids! Kids!

Everywhere Pioneer looks these days, there are kids! Young and younger, tweens and teens. Danforth East is alive with the jubilant laughter of the young. The only downside to this many young Pioneers in a saturated market, is what to do with them between 3pm and 6pm while you're hustling for a living. So, when an email popped into our inbox about Kaza Family Centre, a new family/community hub on Danforth, we thought it was worth a good old-fashioned Pioneer look.

Kaza Family Centre took over the old "piano" store between Linsmore and Monarch Park and turned a dusty, unused space into a welcome oasis for both little ones and their parents. Owner and chief creative officer Nadia Barakeh was inspired to open the doors on this little piece of sunshine after moving to the neighbourhood and falling in love with, what else, the community!

She calls Kaza a family hub to support a healthy community which jives perfectly with the rest of Danforth East. It's a place where junior Pioneers get actual homework support after school, can do some tumbling to get out those beans and be taken care of in a bi-lingual home away from home. You can (and should) read more about it here:!untitled/cc16.

What we think is totally awesome, is the added bonus of family workshops along the lines of "Improv  comedy for you and your kids" (kids are truly the funniest little creatures) and "Intro to Parenting"(Pioneer wishes this had been mandatory six years ago....!). Nadia's background in clinical psychiatry and development also means we've got a therapist on speed dial - if we needed it that is.

Nadia is also planning art workshops for kids and parents, plus, rainy day fun and PA day programming - more info will be posted to KaZa's Facebook page so stayed tuned!

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