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Monday, August 4, 2014

1794: Another #Local Option

It's only been a year since gastro-love hit a fever pitch in the nabe when The Wren opened, but it seems like an eternity in comparison to the pace that restos open and close in the west end. Pioneer's been eying the sleek new sign and trendy garage doors at 1794 Danforth with anticipation, wondering what's behind the craft paper obstructing our view. Never one to let something like that get in our way, we decided to pop in for a surprise tete-a-tete with Harry, the owner of new restaurant Local 1794.

The old Columbo's space is unrecognizable - what was once 85% kitchen and 15% fast food counter, is now a beautiful, sophisticated space lined with comfortable booths, cedar wine racks and probably the longest wooden bar on the Danforth. Harry said he's going for the casual comfort look and feel, designing the space himself to get the right atmosphere where the Junior Pioneers can feel comfortable throwing around pizza at kiddie happy hour, and Pioneer and her gal pals can guzzle red wine and appies late into the night.

Speaking of pizza, the old Columbo's pizza oven was completely rebuilt and Pioneer is just waiting for the green light to head over for some mouth-watering, hand rolled stone baked pizza pie. Harry's menu won't be focused around Italian food, but will be a mix of some solid mains with lots of fresh appetizers, salads and rotating specials from the smoker.

The beer list promises to be intense. Harry has 24 taps installed and is working closely with local breweries and craft beer makers to get it just right. Pioneer knows a fella or two in the neighbourhood (Pete!) who will be keeping a shine on the bar with the sleeves of their coat....

We bet you're wondering about the magic question: when will Local 1794 open? We'll have to wait and see. The City of Toronto is holding the water pipes hostage at the moment, and we all know how these things work. So keep your eyes peeled on 1794 Danforth for the opening of a very welcome addition to the block - but until then, it will have to be a surprise!