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Monday, May 12, 2014


This past weekend found Pioneer and the Juniors trudging happily along Danforth East looking for a snack. From the caboose (ie. the red wagon) the Juniors were happily chanting "cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes". What's a Pioneer to do? After coming up empty at the Patisserie, a friendly passer-by pointed us westward to a brand new bakery called Sweet Serendipity which was exactly what a tired mommy was looking for.

Sweet Serendipity (1335 Danforth) opened April 19 and we are very sorry we didn't find this gem sooner. The airy space with it's white walls and hardwood floors is soon to be a favourite local hangout and a welcome addition to the block between Monarch Park and Linsmore. We didn't get a chance to chat with the owner Pina, but that's ok, because she was busy whipping up more of her delectable homemade baked goods.

The fridge packs a colourful selection of cupcakes, pastries, cookies and cakes into a mouthwatering display - all of them baked at the back of the shop by Pina herself. Pioneer could happily slip into a sugar-induced coma in this place. We chatted with Stacy behind the counter who mentioned they are now also offering fresh cinammon rolls and scones to nibble on with your latte.

The Juniors picked out their treats and it was love at first bite. Not that we are conoisseurs but we do eat a lot of cupcakes and these ones are excellent - light and fluffy icing and a moist, non-crumbly cake. Yum! Pina does custom orders for anything from cupcakes to cheesecake.

Sweet Serendipity could easily be an every day destination for this Pioneer (other than Monday's when they are closed) - how many cupcakes a day is reasonable do you think??

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