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Friday, May 23, 2014

Destination Curry

This blog has always been about exploring along Danforth East, but sometimes you don't have to go too far to discover something new. On Friday night, Pioneer and the juniors left Daddy Pioneer at home to slave away on our current renovation project while we enjoyed a 5-star meal at the Bus Terminal. You might think we are joking but here is one of those golden local tips that always amazes us! 

Previous to this dining adventure, the Pioneer clan had never ventured into the retro diner at Coxwell and Danforth past a certain hour of the morning. Eggs and bakey were pretty much all we've ever ordered. We blogged here years ago about a summer sangria special at the Terminal, but what's Sangria without the patio? It was only due to an invitation from another EEWSK (east ender with small kids) that we ended up at the empty, child friendly resto at dinner hour where the junior Pioneers and friends embarked on a (not so) quiet riot with their chicken "dolphins" and fries. 

A diner is a diner, so we expected the usual 'specials' menu but did a double take when we noticed a lamb curry and a lamb and lentil stew on the board. My inside source, who is a Friday regular, let it spill that the Friday curry is "to die for". Although we can't confirm it happens every Friday, the Sri Lankan staff and owners apparently make their own special curry from scratch. Pioneer couldn't resist a steamy (reasonably priced) bowl of stew and the verdict is that it IS to die for. 

So next time you're craving the slow burn of a lamb curry, don't walk south to Gerrard, head on over to the Bus Terminal for a one-way ticket to delicious! 

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