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Thursday, March 27, 2014

DECA Is A Star! (But you knew that already!)

Well, spring has almost sprung, and Pioneer is back for another season of exploring #DanforthEast. It's almost our 5th anniversary and to mark this milestone (and in the spirit of spring and renewal) it's time for a look back at where it all began.

TheGrid.TO wrote a lovely piece about DECA and it's urban renewal efforts. They have played a key role in making this a safer and more interesting place to live. It's worth reading, if only to get a glimpse of what our neighbourhood looked like when Timmy's at Shoppers was the only place to get (gross) coffee.

The story is here:

If you don't already read their blog, you should! It's over here at

Reading our first blog post five years ago was a real throw back: As you can see, nothing has changed. We still feel the same way. We heart Danforth East!