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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saucy & Sassy

If you're anything like Pioneer and don't have a cottage (or campsite) to get away to for the long weekend, then it's time for a strategic plan of how we are all going to spend our long weekend on Danforth East.

Our first pick for your "cottage away from the cottage" experience is Jawny Bakers at St Clair & O'Connor. We blogged about their patio oasis and cottage charm last summer and have been regulars ever since. 

If you don't have children to worry about, a sunny afternoon on Sauce's new Courtyard patio will have you humming Oh When The Saints under your breath. It is definitely Pioneer's misfortune to have missed out on this gem almost all summer long. Owners Johnny & Michelle are New Orleans passionistas and have created a perfect Louisiana oasis (and with the humidity this weekend, it will almost feel like February in nu or-linz). We tried our best to get their secret hurricane recipe, but Johnny (who fancies a Pimms Cup on any given day) says the only secret is to put more booze in than juice. Hip hip Hooray! This coming long weekend, Michelle will be on the back patio making margaritas and blender drinks, so don't miss out. 

One thing synonymous with cottage country is quaint shops and browsing for antiques, both of which you can actually accomplish along Danforth East. We love LEN, first and foremost but Pioneer has also discovered (at long last!) the mini fashion district in our hood - east of McDonalds on the south side of Danforth (and even one new shop on the north side). Hours have been spent pouring over racks at pop-up shop In This Closet, which literally has some of the best vintage retail in the city. Although we didn't quite fit into the sassy Black Halo seductress dress, there was so much more to choose from. You can see it all on their Instagram page here. In This Closet, Cheap Thrills and (SALES!) are all open this weekend, so reacquant yourself with your wallet and support our high street.

On the antiques side of things - Treasure Land (2038 Danforth) has an odd assortment of kitsch and crap, but sometimes you can actually find buried treasure. Happy hunting!

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