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Friday, August 23, 2013

Last Friday Night

One complaint we've heard often from other pioneers in the 'hood is about the sheer number of dingy dives along the Danforth. We've passed by the dirty dozen hundreds of times, but to our surprise a recent adventure revealed that you can't judge a book by its cover!

We know that secretly everyone likes to belt out their favourite tunes, a la Katie Perry, in the car with the windows rolled up so no-one can hear. Not everyone is like Pioneer, who always gladly accepts karaoke invitations. Last Friday night was one of those nights, and to our delight, we didn't have to walk far to get down and diva.

There's a tiny bar just east of Monarch Park called Sportster's, and from the outside, it looks kind of grungy and is mostly overshadowed by the patio at Sarah's (not much better if you ask Pioneer!). Inside though is a clean and cozy watering hole that offers up a great atmosphere for group karaoke every Friday night. Pioneer and some party animal neighbours (ok, a bunch of mom and dads who don't get out much) rocked out on the microphone for at least a few hours, revealing more than a few secret divas in the 'hood. A group ensemble of Dancing Queen was probably the highlight, much to the amusement of every passersby and patio patrons a few doors down. 

The wine selection is awful, and the bar rail nothing fabulous, but really - if you're in a legitimate sports bar, just order some beer (not on tap!). If you're not into karaoke, the owner Lily says that they have soccer games on all the time which packs the room during a good match. But hey, anyone up for a round of Danforth's Got Talent?

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  1. for real? That's awesome, will have to drag my friends out soon!