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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Wren is In Flight

We're hoping no-one has noticed that Pioneer took a hiatus for a few weeks - not because there isn't anything going on along Danforth East. Nope, we were waiting for the juiciest scoop, the hottest news in town and now we have it: The Wren (1382 Danforth) is finally open. No more paper on the windows, no more guessing games or secret stalking. The space that once housed a hair salon has finally been transformed into a cozy local that you won't want to leave (and trust us, we almost didn't....!).

The Wren is an enviable space - a vintage exposed brick wall, a handcrafted wooden bar, communal tresel tables, and elegant robin's egg-blue brushed wallpaper with framed needlepoints of the Alps hung over cozy tables of four. A look at what's on tap says it all - Beau's Lug Tread is numero uno on the list, followed by a stellar selection of craft beer and interesting picks like Watermelon Wheat Beer.

The wagon wheel chandelier is the first, and really the only, sign that there's going to be some southwestern food on the menu. The very simple list is a mashup of pub grub, tex-mex and southern comfort food with things like slow roasted pork belly sandwiches, wings and of course - you gotta have  the guac and chips.

News of The Wren's beef brisket sandwich has already started to spread. It's so good, that when Pioneer finally moseyed over to our new favourite spot for some grub, the brisket was sold out. Too bad, so sad, but the back up choice was nothing short of yummo! A deep fried pulled pork chimichanga was mouthwatering (but the lacklustre side salad is nothing to write home about). After hearing only grunts of pleasure from our dining partner, Pioneer stole a bite from their delicious Wren Burger to see what the fuss was all about. One bite, and you'll be drifting back in time to the kitchen of your childhood. The meat is spiced just perfectly and has a pleasant, home-cooking flavour too it - our mom's meatloaf is the best comparison.

Needless to say, The Wren was packed to the rafters when we visited - a major success for a resto-bar-pub that was only a week old. This weekend, they're kicking it up a notch with an official hootenany on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so get in early and keep a shine on that bar!

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