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Monday, April 1, 2013

Trip to the Big House

Okay, got you there! Pioneer has not had a run in with the law, just a run in with some good law-abiding pizza. That's right, we couldn't resist trying out a hot juicy slice from Big House Pizza, the hot new kid in town at 962 Danforth. We always call Fridays 'pizza day' and even though it was Good Friday, we didn't quite feel like the requisite fish dinner since we were entertaining small children pre-wired to throw fish sticks at the wall. A good excuse for take out!

Perusing the online menu, we had to laugh at the creative naming protocol they've used: Rob 'the jerk' Ford for a spicy jerk chicken pie, the John A. Macdonald (think a Big Mac with pickles) and the I'm Watching My Weight So I'll Just Have the Veggie Pizza. We ordered a small cheese pizza for the young 'uns from the Penny Pinchin Menu and a large Hot Pig In The City for the adult kids.

We're not going to lie - the prices are higher than your standard takeout, but guess what?
You're not getting a corporate chain pizza. Big House is run by two chefs who care about the ingredients in the pizza (they say so right on their website home page!), and you can taste that the difference in quality is worth the extra pocket change. Although the junior pioneers were complaining about the 'black' on the bottom of their pie, the big Pioneers thoroughly devoured the entire pizza without a peep. It was really good. Although that is not a very literary sentiment, we can't describe it any other way. It was a really good pizza. Particularly if you are tired of the wafer-thin, minimalist pizzas from those 'other' gourmet pizza places where you must wait hours for a table. On our regular crust Hot Pig In The City, the Roma tomatoes were juicy and tart just like they should be, the olives and hot Cappicola ham added a salty kick and the fresh basil was the perfect counterpoint to it all.

So next time your Junior Pioneers don't feel like fish sticks, and your sick of the standard "deluxe pizza", head on over to Big House. You won't regret it!

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