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Friday, April 19, 2013

Lights Out for Earth Day

This coming Monday is Earth Day and Pioneer has decided to commemorate this day of action with just a little bit of inaction (in a good way!). What could be better than walking somewhere local for a candlelight dinner made with locally sourced food inspired by local hops?

Two of our favourite people have joined forces to create an Earth Day event everyone will want to attend. Anne Sorrenti, executive chef at Morgan's and Troy Burtch at Great Lakes Brewery, teamed up for Lights Out - an candlelight evening of local beer and local food.

Great Lakes Brewery is Toronto's original craft brewery, and so Sorrenti has created a four-course local menu that integrates their famous ales - including dessert (think coffee and cake...mmmm). The four courses will be paired, of course, with tasters of some new brews and old classics. If you've never been to a beer dinner before, they are great fun.

Tickets are a measly $50 - which is great value for a four course dinner with drinks especially from the Morgan's kitchen. Event starts at 6:30 with some apps and a pint.

For more info, there are lots of options! Call Morgan's and make a reservation (416 461-3020), check out details on Facebook here, or head to GLB's website here.

See you there!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Trip to the Big House

Okay, got you there! Pioneer has not had a run in with the law, just a run in with some good law-abiding pizza. That's right, we couldn't resist trying out a hot juicy slice from Big House Pizza, the hot new kid in town at 962 Danforth. We always call Fridays 'pizza day' and even though it was Good Friday, we didn't quite feel like the requisite fish dinner since we were entertaining small children pre-wired to throw fish sticks at the wall. A good excuse for take out!

Perusing the online menu, we had to laugh at the creative naming protocol they've used: Rob 'the jerk' Ford for a spicy jerk chicken pie, the John A. Macdonald (think a Big Mac with pickles) and the I'm Watching My Weight So I'll Just Have the Veggie Pizza. We ordered a small cheese pizza for the young 'uns from the Penny Pinchin Menu and a large Hot Pig In The City for the adult kids.

We're not going to lie - the prices are higher than your standard takeout, but guess what?