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Friday, March 29, 2013

One a penny, two a penny.....

One of Pioneer's favourite places on Danforth is Morgans and so we jumped at the opportunity to keep the shine on the bar this week when an invitation came from Great Lakes Brewery to chat about an upcoming @DanforthEast event. We'll get to that in a second, but while we were there we got to chatting with Executive Chef Anne Sorrenti about what's up for Easter and it had our mouths watering!

First thing first: put down the oven mitts and the frozen Pillsbury crescent rolls. If you call Morgans and order by Saturday, you can have fresh baked hot cross buns for your Easter feast. Forget the orange currant-y spiced variety of old. Sorrenti has come up with two delectable flavours to choose from: white chocolate apricot, and chocolate nutmeg spice. Delicious and one more item you can cross off your list of things to prep. The phone number is 416.461.3020, so call and order some now!

If you're not locked into family festivities on Sunday, Morgans has an Easter brunch with live
jazz and a Prime Rib dinner later in the day. Reservations are suggested for both.

Now, about the Great Lakes Brewery event: mum's the word right now, but stay tuned here for further information about an April 22 Morgans/GLB Earth Day celebration. It's a great partnership between a restaurant that takes craft beer seriously and a local brewery that celebrates Ontario - live local, eat local, drink local, right?

Happy Easter everyone!

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