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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Daddy Pioneer just had a birthday, and his big wish was some oysters on the half shell, but where to go on Danforth East that has great oysters? Unfortunately, one of the first things going on our upcoming list of #ThingsDanforthEastNeeds will be an oyster bar/seafood shack to call our own. So, where did we end up? A little outside the turf, but hey, as we always say: we live here, but sometimes we like to leave!

Without the two screaming JPs in tow, we gleefully skipped all the way over to Broadview and settled in at The Auld Spot pub just east of Chester subway on Danforth. Although we feel a little bit like a traitor, a visit to this local is definitely worth it: nothing on the wine list is over $9/glass, the food is great for a pub, and the tartan banquettes and cozy lighting suck you in until you almost forget that your babysitter has a curfew.

Pioneer ordered the soft and flaky salt cod cakes which were just perfect for a starter while watching Daddy Pioneer devour a dozen PEI oysters. The salads that followed were enormous and refreshing - something we did not expect for a house green salad and a basic Caesar. We were tempted by some dessert, but Daddy Pioneer thought it was probably a wise choice to stay away from mixing shellfish, chardonnay and creamy dessert confections, so we called it a night.

As a side note - although we partook in the birthday celebrations on Monday eve, the BEST day to have oysters at the Auld Spot is on Tuesdays when they are half price ($1.50/half shell). Surfs up!

(check out more here on The Auld Spot Pub on Urbanspoon)

As a secondary side note, we should mention that owners Nathan and Nicole are actually Danforth East-ers and live a stone's throw from Pioneer HQ. As we always knew, we are at the centre of the Universe!!

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