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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting To Our Fighting Weight

Pioneer has been bemoaning the winter weather lately, not because sledding down the "big hill" at East Lynn Park on a superwaxed retro wooden sled is not fun. Because it is!!! What's eating us is the misery of being a runner during a Canadian winter. While it's always super fun to head out for a run after a light dusting of snow, what's even more fun is to run in the snow during a snowstorm. It dawned on us the other day (while doing the aforementioned cursed activity) that there is no need to be tortured like this. There are three AMAZING local fitness facilities within reach of most Pioneers out there.

The first I want to mention is Legacy Spinning. During that last, long cold winter run, Pioneer was reminiscing about those early days of discovering Legacy and remembering that although we don't love riding a stationary bike for an hour, we definitely love being indoors and love Andy's brand of motivation. If one thing can be said for owner Andy D., he knows how to get you on your seat and keep you there for as long as you can stand it. A lot of women and men that we've talked to are disciples of his fast-paced, loud and intense spin classes and people are often lined up out the door to take part. Pioneer hopes we still have the inside "track" so we can burn off some of that holiday cheer.

We do want to talk more about Tidal CrossFit, as our second option, but unfortunately all we know is that it's a gym and it's next to Legacy. The basic premise of CrossFit is full body conditioning through high intensity, functional movement (ie weightlifting). Pioneer will get back to that one further on in the New Year.

And, last but NOT LEAST:

Winston is the official BOMB Wellness Life Coach.
BOMB Wellness has changed Pioneer's life, and we are so excited to be able to announce that they are celebrating their first birthday this upcoming weekend. As any of us yummy mummies know, it is really really hard to actually LOOK like a yummy mummy while wrangling babies, pre-schoolers and puppies. With the help and support of Kevin and Victoria at BOMB, this mummy-tummy has lost 4 inches and gained a whole new wardrobe of clothes we haven't worn since we were actually young and hip (woot, woot skinny jeans!!). Kevin might not seem like the scary bootcamp drill sergeant, but he gets the results without the yelling. He's there during the last ten seconds of suicides to push you to the end, or there when your form needs to be corrected for maximum impact. From beginner to advanced, this is a bootcamp no-one should be afraid to come to.

So, this weekend you have no excuse to not try this place out. They are offering free classes from 12 - 3 on both Saturday and Sunday with an half hour class of each of their core offerings: slosh pipe, TRX, strider, Fighting Fit and the infamous bootcamp. Activities for kids will take place in the basement yoga studio on both days, so don't be afraid to come with the little ones in tow....we can attest that they will be well taken care of!

Click here for more info on the BOMB anniversary events.

Let's sweat!

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