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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Post of the Year

SO much to write about, so little time! The pop-up shops are winding down, and we didn't want to forget to mention one of the coolest projects we've seen:

Sharing the space with Mrs. Darling is the lovely creations of Marina Rocks. This entrepreneurial 14-year old (geez, what were WE doing when we were 14???) makes wallets, hair bands, bows, clips and change purses out of duct tape. And this ain't no ordinary duct tape - Marina's colourful creations are made from patterned, coloured funky duct tape she sources from various places. Hot pink tiger print for mother-in-law? You got it! Paul Frank monkey's for your hipster brother-in-law? Also got it! Pioneer also discovered that Marina can do custom orders, since we are dying for a unique, one-of-a-kind Kobo ebook reader cover.

Marina has been making waves around Toronto, so you can permanently find her cool creations at local shops Atomic Toybot, Swag Sisters and Birthia (Dundas and Roncie). But don't wait that long! You have until TOMORROW at noon to get it while it's hot at 1948 Danforth.

One other item to bring up before we wrap up another year of blogging:

You can find us tweeting at @DanforthEast where we both curate tweets from local tweeters and tweet our own Pioneer stuff. Other great local tweeters to follow are @EastYork_TO and @DanforthVillage.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you once again for reading, following, and participating in local events. Together we will keep this neighbourhood great!

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