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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Which Sandwich?

Pioneer recently had lunch with an acquaintance who writes a blog about sandwiches, which inspired us to uncover some of the great sandwiches around Danforth East. We've talked a lot about coffee shops and dinner destinations, but we've never really focused on lunch in the neighbourhood.

Before we start though, let's put things in perspective It's almost the five-year anniversary of when Pioneer became an official east-ender, which got us thinking about the state of the neighbourhood when we first suffered the trauma of home ownership. Finding a lunch destination back then was not for the faint of heart (to be fair some gems we just hadn't discovered yet...). Since then Taps & Tales/Morgan's opened, Columbo's started making better rice balls, the Bus Terminal amped up their menu and many, many coffee shops and bakeries arrived to woo us with Cornish Pasties and delicious scones or paninis. 

Our first favourite lunch destination though is definitely Melanie's Bistro (1870 Danforth) if only for their totally amazing Chicken Tikka Wrap. Imagine Tandoori chicken, onion tomato and cucumber in a decadent curry yogurt sauce stuffed inside a perfectly moist chapati wrap. It's $11 which we think is a bit pricey for a sandwich, but it's worth it (we can't remember but it might come with a side salad!). 

Almost all of the lunch menu at Melanie's is wonderful. Head chef and co-owner Arul Chettiar has a culinary background in the kitchens of Mumbai (and New York and Toronto...), and with his wife Chef Melanie Ferreira, has perfected this bistro menu that always leaves us coming back for more. 

Stay tuned as we uncover more east end sandwiches to eat before you move!

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