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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sandwich Safari - Part 2

Pioneer is still on our sandwich safari, and this time our search takes us a little outside the boundaries of Danforth East (hey, we live here, but we sometimes like to leave too!). A windy, gusty day last week pushed us right into the path of The Works burger at the corner of Dewhurst and Danforth, just west of Donlands so we decided to give it a try.

For the record, Pioneer absolutely does not consider a hamburger a sandwich, but on a perusal of the menu we found just what we needed: the St. Lawrence Market Avacado BLT. You might think we are crazy, since there is no end to the hamburger options available here, but the thing that sold us was the fact that this BLT was on a croissant. This turned out to be the perfect combination, and the sandwich was absolutely delicious. The moist croissant (from St. Lawrence Market, obviously) did a pretty good job of holding in the avacado, crisp bacon and lettuce/tomato. 

The best part of the experience however was not the sandwich. Usually Pioneer takes a pass at coleslaw, but something about the weather lately has us craving cabbage, so we took a chance on a side of slaw and boy are we glad we did. This coleslaw is nothing like the creamy confection you find in a tub at Loblaws. Their secret sauce is made with jalapeno pepper sauce and white pepper, which gives the tangy slaw a nice kick. It's not too saucy and not too creamy....we'd say it's just right!

So, our vote? Once the patio here re-opens in the spring, this sandwich and slaw combo would be the perfect lunch for a warm, sunny afternoon. For winter though, stick to the burgers!

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