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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pillow talk

When Pioneer was a junior Pioneer, we used to love that bouyant and elated feeling we would get whenever we opened the doors to Sugar Mountain and saw row upon row of rainbow coloured candy jars. Flash forward a few decades and there we were, running along Danforth Ave. one frosty evening when what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a colourful apparition: a store front full of bright lights and beautiful colours. Feeling like that excited 8-year old again, our hearts pounding and our mouth salivating, we opened the door and found ourselves in The Pillow Shoppe. That's right, it wasn't candy, but bright and colourful pillows of all shapes and sizes, calling their siren call to this design-challenged home owner.

As we manoeuvred through the newly opened space at 1434 Danforth, there was hardly a pillow we didn't want to take home. Owner and design diva Viive knows her audience, after designing and styling interiors around the GTA for two decades. 

"For a low price point, here is something small that you can take home and make your space feel new again. You don't need to buy new furniture for some low-cost, high impact changes," she explained. Her motto is 'enhancing your home d├ęcor with unique pillows that express your personal style'.

In this neighbourhood, that's music to many a new-homeowners ears! 

Almost all of the pillows are made in Canada, with a select few shipped in from abroad and containing some international fabric blends. The store is the first of what will potentially be a handful of shops across the GTA. 

The very best part of this story though is that the nabe has a new retail storefront with a tenant who cares about the neighbourhood. Viive is already mixing and mingling with her neighbours and was up-to-date on all the neighbourhood happenings (good and bad). It only takes one broken window to bring down a neighbourhood, but in this case, we hope it takes only one window full of pillows to bring this neighbourhood up another notch!

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