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Friday, November 23, 2012


Are you sick of sandwiches yet? We promise, this is the final post about amazing east end sandwiches.

This last delicious lunch confection was something Pioneer stumbled on by accident and is by far, one of the best noon day ensembles east of the DVP. Many of you probably already know about Caketown (XXXX Danforth) because you have previously stuffed your face with their amazing, fresh baked scones that come in a multitude of delectable flavours often involving some variety of cheese.

It wasn't until we realized just how many calories a scone has that we started searching for another lunch option and discovered that Caketown makes A-mazing paninis. There are two on the menu that we think are absolutely excellent: roast beef and dijon mustard, and turkey and tomato.

The reason why these are great paninis? The bread is as fresh as it can get, and the sandwich press is probably as clean as a whistle since there are never any burn marks or clumpy bits stuck to the exterior. The interior of said panini is just perfect - there are no mushrooms, or soft goat cheese or sauteed onions. Turkey, tomato, lettuce (and cheese if you want) and something creamy that holds it all together.

Grab one of these sandwiches, a cup of coffee, flop down onto Caketown's cozy leather coaches and watch the neighbourhood stroll by. But save room for dessert.....(oh, that will have to wait until another post!) Bon appetit!

Stay tuned next week: a sneak peak (hopefully) at the new pub near Monarch Park and a new store opening!

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