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Friday, October 19, 2012

Shop Til It Hops

Pioneer just wanted to remind everyone about the DECA Pop-Up Shop happening this weekend and next at 1948 Danforth Ave. This initiative has been coordinated by the DECA RED team. That stands for Renew East Danforth and hopefully this is the start of exactly that - a new approach to revitalizing the retail strip.

Just a few words on that topic: we've heard lots of grumbles from people around the 'hood about the lack of retail and the scanty shopping options. Well, all we have to say is: then help change that! If this one little pop-up shop is successful this time around, then it will inspire other landlords on the strip to host artists and independent small retailers for other pop-up shops. This in turn will hopefully create the buzz that we need around the city to draw permanent tenants into all of those beautiful, empty spaces.

The shop this weekend is from a local retailer called Birthia. There are some seriously gorgeous items on their Facebook page here: Pioneer is lusting after some of their beautiful scarves (birthday hint Daddy Pioneer!!!).

And stay tuned next week for our visit to fab design studio S Sense In Design on Coxwell, plus our sneak peak at the new Body Blitz East End location. Have a great weekend everyone!

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