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Monday, October 15, 2012

Patisserie Woes

Nobody likes a whiner, right? That's why Pioneer usually tries to stay positive about local experiences, however......

You know the situation is dire, when a macho male neighbour complains about something related to baked goods. When Patisserie La Cigogne opened a year and a half ago, Danforth East was elated and excited. For the most part, we've heard good things, but there are a few areas that we would like to draw attention to:

There are hardly ever any baked goods in the patisserie to actually purchase.

There, we said it. We've been holding that in for over a year, when we made four or five unsuccessful attempts to buy a ham and cheese croissant. On numerous other occasions the Pioneer clan would swing by there on the way to or from the park and continually be disappointed in the lack of croissants or other yummy baked treats.

Although disgruntled, our emotions about this place were on the upswing once the patisserie installed a ramp for strollers. That was great community service, if you ask us.

Unfortunately, this weekend was another strike. The good news is that the patisserie is a participant in the city wide Toronto Chocolate Festival starting this past Saturday (Oct 13) and you can find a coupon here for buy one, get one free chocolate croissants. Yum!

However, what would be really great is if you could actually purchase a chocolate croissant at the patisserie. Two disappointing visits this weekend resulted in zero croissants. Pioneer got to chatting with the neighbour mentioned up top, and he regaled me with his experience of trying to buy a baguette at 2:00 p.m. one afternoon, and finding absolutely nothing he could actually buy. No baguettes, no croissants.....

We completely understand that they want their baked goods to be fresh, but at least have some options other than apple danish (and a salad and quiche aren't going to cut it!).

Please feel free to leave comments below about this. We'd love to hear what the neighbourhood thinks!


  1. I agree. I am always going in looking for one baked good or another and I think I was successful exactly once. I don't bother anymore.

  2. also agree! unless i am going in first thing in the morning, i will call in advance now to avoid disappointment!

  3. I went to this place one week after it opened. We went inside and asked if we could take a seat on the patio. The server told me that she'd clean off the table and then seat us. Well someone came in off the street and sat at our table and they refused to ask her to move. 15 min later when we finally got a table outside we ordered the omelettes. They came with no garnish or sides and a bottle of Sunpac orange juice....I'll never go back again...Ever..