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Friday, October 5, 2012

October 20 is Run/Walk/Pubcrawlin' Night!!

As we're only two weeks away from the East End Pioneer Run/Walk/Pubcrawlin' pub crawl, we think it's only fair to reveal the details of our super fun night out in the 'hood.

October 20 is our chosen night of revelry, and festivities will begin at 8:00 p.m. at Morgan's on the Danforth (1282 Danforth). The Flying Monkeys Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery and Wellington Brewery are some of our sponsors for the evening, so thanks to them, we will have some very nifty swag to offer up for prizes throughout the crawl. Don't forget to get your 50/50 ticket from Mrs. Pioneer or Daddy Pioneer when you arrive (trust us, you'll know us when you see us!).

From Morgan's, we'll be moving to the Linsmore Tavern a few doors down. That's right - we're going to the Linsmore, where draught is only $1.85 (I highly recommend the bottled variety here). The Gleeks among us can grab a mic and perhaps take part in some down market Karaoke, and sing like no-one's watching (cause no-one really is....except for us!). In case you have any trepidations, here is an article from BlogTO that puts to rest any rumours of murders at the Linsmore (it happened near the Linsmore in 1935 for goodness sake). Plus, there will be prizes!!

From the Linsmore, we'll head to Sauce on the Danforth for some top-shelf sauce (1376 Danforth) and more prizes... And finally, our last stop will be Sarah's Bar and Cafe at the corner of Monarch Park and Danforth.

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