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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Design Sense

A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail blew the cover off a secret that Pioneer and her girlfriends have been keeping on the DL: forget clothes and shoes, home decor is the new shopaholic obsession. Pillows, upholstery, wallpaper - hours of browsing on Pinterest.....

So, what does this have to do with Danforth East? Pioneer's heart almost skipped a beat when we discovered S Sense In Design (698 Coxwell Ave), a gorgeous little part-time boutique run by local interior stylist Laura Walters located just north of Danforth on Coxwell Ave.

When we first found this gem, although it was closed the front window was filled with some absolutely drool-worthy decor finds in a whimsical children's display: canvas toy holders from fluf, a vintage school desk and a moose print lamp shade from vintage lighting stylist modpieces (how Canadian!). We wanted to investigate further.

When Pioneer recently swung by the shop to chat with Walters, we discovered that she has been living in the area for almost a decade and working as a professional interior stylist around the GTA. Her shop started out as a professional workspace only, with no plans to become a retail space.

"As I met local artists and designers, they were all asking me if they could display their work and little by little I gave in and it has turned out to be very successful," Walters enthused as she showed us around her cozy space, which opened to the public in March.

Walters' European design sense is evident in the eclectic mix of beautiful upholstered pieces and unique objet d'art, mostly sourced from local artists. A small collection of items come from as far as Quebec, sourced from artisans available to very few places in Ontario such as custom teak shelves from Kino Guerin

Local marbling artist Robert Wu has prints on display from now until November 22. Don't worry - if you're anything like Pioneer, you might think you can't afford real art but the price range on his delicate but colourful prints start at $95 (or a set of reversible cards for a steal at $8!). We have our sights set on one for our future nouveau, eclectic style living room. The designer? Well, that could possibly be Walters' who says, "I work well on small, tight budgets." Now that is music to our ears!

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