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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Stitch in Time

You never know what you're going to turn up when walking around the Danforth East area, and last night was no exception for Pioneer. Although we don't always frequent Starbucks, it was a rare occasion that found us at the sparkling new location on Coxwell, and what to our wandering eyes did appear? Seated at the long harvest table in the centre of the room was a large group of women surrounded by spools of yarn with their knitting needles flying - the very last thing I ever expected to see at Starbucks.

The knitting circle (otherwise known as a stich'n bitch) meets informally every Monday evening (around 7ish?), so if you're interested in learning about knitting or just knitting with access to treats and a lot of caffeine, then this is your local. We should have asked them what they were drinking since it looked like they were having a grand old time. As Pioneer walked away, we heard gales of laughter punctuated with the staccato click-clack of their needles, taking over the world one stitch at a time.

And in other news....

This Thursday (Oct 4) is the Harvest Moon festival at East Lynn Park Farmers' Market. Pioneer personally knows the organizers and they are a hard working bunch, who have created a sensational event this year including pony rides and pumpkin painting. More info can be found here!

The Dollarama at Woodbine is finally open**. We won't elocute on this too much, since the only good news here is that there is no longer an empty storefront at that address. Oh, and now there are two Dollaramas within the immediate area to get your fix of tissue paper, greeting cards, cheap sponges and gift bags.

**The opening date was a closely guarded secret (insert Trudeau leadership bid pun here), akin to Pentagon security codes. Despite repeat sleuthing attempts on Pioneer's part (by phone, email and in person) Dollarama refused to commit to a date. It was very strange. For a dollar store.

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  1. As one of the participants of the group, I would like to clarify that this is not a learn-to-knit group, but one where you can bring your projects and have some social time with other knitters/crocheters. Thanks!