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Monday, October 22, 2012

A home in your 'hood

The Run/Walk/Pubcrawlin' pub crawl has come and gone, and if you missed it, just ask anyone who didn't just how much fun we had. There was craft beer, cool prizes and a whole lot of mardi gras beads.  Thank you for everyone who came out. It was fantastic to meet everyone! We also want to thank all of our locals: Morgan's, the Linsmore, Sauce and Sarah's. Thank you for accommodating us and our shenanigans. And a big thank you to The Flying Monkeys and Great Lakes Brewery for supporting our little pub crawl with a big heart!

This was definitely one of the best neighbourhood experiences we've ever had, because it opened up our eyes about a few things. The first is that we definitely did not expect all four of our destinations to be packed to the rafters, but that is exactly what happened. On a blustery October evening, the joints were all jumping and it was a really nice thing to see - people supporting the neighbourhood. 

The second thing that we were surprised about was the Linsmore. Yes, it is totally a dive bar, but it was not seedy and dark like we expected. The drinks were dirt cheap, the crowd was happy and there was even a live band setting up (Hankholly and the Delphis). One of the crawlers cannily observed that the place "felt like home" and we have to agree. You could hang out there in your pajamas and no-one would judge you. Sure, some patrons are rough around the edges, but we bet that there are a lot of hipsters along Queen West West who would love to have a real dive like this on the corner of their street!

See you at the next Run/Walk/Pubcrawlin' pub crawl in April!

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