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Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo fun

Pioneer loves history and can often be found perusing through old-timey photos on the Toronto archives site. Here are two of our neighbourhood that we wanted to share.

This is what Felstead Park used to look like:

Here is a 1936 photo of a Hollinger bus. Hollinger bus lines was East York's first bus service with a really interesting history. Hollinger himself started out driving one, lonely bus and in between fares, he would deliver milk to housewives. The line expanded rapidly, and during the war, Hollinger ran multiple bus lines to take factory workers from Leaside and East York all the way to the GECO (a major wartime industrial plant) on Birchmount Road. When the TTC took it over in 1954, it was the largest independent bus line taken over by the TTC. Every weekend, we can eat pancakes and eggs at the Bus Terminal cafe as a wonderful reminder of this legacy!

And this gem below is a peaceful look a Donalands, north of Glebeholme from 1948. 

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