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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

News Blast

Pioneer has made a whole bunch of discoveries this week and wanted to pass on the inside scoop.

First, a Pioneer neighbourhood filled us in on some changes at Sugarmoon spa (1509 Danforth). The good news is that Sugarmoon is growing and offering more and more aesthetic services, but the bad news is that they don't have space any longer to offer massage therapy. However, if you don't mind the long trek down to Leslieville, all of your favourite Sugarmoon massage therapists can be found at Hands On You at 349 Carlaw Ave. Alternately, within the neighbourhood, Bomb Wellness also has a cozy massage suite and their own RMT, so check out their website for more info - the bonus: he even makes house calls!

After months of passing by the gorgeous sidewalk alphabet all along Danforth, Pioneer has finally solved the mystery! We've discovered that a local artist by the name of Victor Fraser is behind this sidewalk art, and according to our sources, he has a whole bunch of cool projects in his portfolio. Stay tuned for more about Mr. Fraser and some of his recent international "installations.

And last but not least:

For years, Pioneer has been walking by the window display at Clay Bodies (1910 Danforth), hoping that the door would be open and we could be nosey and see what's inside. A chance encounter with a fellow fitness buff during a workout one morning, led us to another discovery: Clay Bodies is no longer. The sign is still up but alas, the studio space inside is a private studio space rented out by local artists. Pioneer has gotten the golden key to visit the space and see what's in the works for the Danforth East Arts Fair, so stay tuned for that in an upcoming post!

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