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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Future Projections

Years ago, Pioneer used to jump on our little red scooter and drive across town to help with the Save the Revue campaign, an effort to save the art deco Roncesvalles movie theatre from turning into condos. This was the first time we witnessed community activism in action, and the power that volunteers can have on urban neighbourhoods. The Revue is now a mega-successful neighbourhood theatre, run by a not-for-profit group of locals.

In our neck of the woods, there's the Roxy, which was unfortunately turned into a Tim Horton's.....sigh.

However, we still have a single-screen theatre close to home. Thanks to the efforts of co-owners Nadia Sandhu and Jonathan Hlibka, the former Gerrard Cinema is now called The Projection Booth (1035 Gerrard) and runs "art, schlock, indie, foreign" films, as it says on their marquee. They've currently got a couple of great films running. Check out the schedule here. They've just celebrated their first anniversary!
Photo courtesy of BlogTO.

This community is very lucky to have their own rep cinema. Some of the best movies we've ever seen have been arthouse and/or indie films, hidden gems in the blockbuster movie metropolis. Small cinemas are hard to operate though, and unless we support the Projection Booth, it could suffer the same demise as the Roxy one day. So forget "the Batman" and take a gamble on an Irish psychological drama instead.....

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