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Friday, July 6, 2012

Bakers Delight

How many times have you been driving down O'Connor - destination most likely the Depot - and wondered about the restaurant called Jawny Bakers at the corner of St. Clair? Pioneer has been down that road at least once, if not a thousand times, in the past five years and finally decided it was high time to see what this place was all about. 

It was a Friday evening of a long weekend, and with no cottage to get away to, the Pioneer clan was looking for a place to eat that was both relaxing and able to withstand the pressures of family dining. We found both of these at Jawny Bakers (804 O'Connor Drive), and can not believe we didn't find out about this gem sooner. 

Jawny Baker's is like a local version of the Keg, perhaps even what the Keg looked like once upon a time. It's decor is comfy without being overstuffed, classy without being snobby, and inviting in the kind of 'we're your best friends cottage in the city' way. When we first arrived, the host was completely unfazed by the stroller or the bellowing four year old, and settled us into a very stroller-compatible booth without blinking an eye. No wonder Today's Parent listed it as one of the best family restaurants in Canada!

Pioneer is completely stealing this ultimate 'local subculture' design idea: the lamp shades that hang over every table are decorated with the names of all the streets in East York. Kitschy? Maybe to a west-ender, but not for us! 

Although they call themselves a gastropub, the menu is a list of pretty conventional eats with some interesting daily specials. It's also not cheap - don't mistake this place for a typical pub 'n grub spot. Pioneer wouldn't say the food that we ordered was spectacular either, but it really does the trick and we weren't really looking for fine dining. The portions are large and the quality is fresh - what more can we ask for when the other option is 'fine dining' on frozen pizza at home. 

Our only regret was not eating on the 'secluded' patio - a grand illusion achieved by mountains of foliage on the patio adjacent to the dining room. 


  1. Sounds like you will just have to enjoy the patio the next time you go to JBs. We've been going for over 10 years and they been great the whole time. Just wait until you get to know the staff, then the good experience just gets better.