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Sunday, June 10, 2012


When Pioneer was a kid we loved playing the "Guess what this is..." game in magazines, where kids are asked to identify an object such as, say, a Cheerio, a wagon wheel or a key lime pie based on a tiny, micro closeup of said object. So on that theme, let's play a Pioneer version of this game. Look at the picture below and try and guess what Danforth East object this is:

Okay, have you guessed it?

Pioneer is so bad at keeping secrets so we'll just have to tell you.

If you guessed a piece of a fibreglass water slide, you would be right. If you guessed a piece of a water slide being installed at Monarch Park pool, you would also be right AND you would be an honorary Pioneer sleuth. Here is the completed picture!

The Parks staff have taken down the old, unusable slide and are working on installing a new, improved model over the next few weeks and we have it on good faith from an inside source that it will be ready for opening day on June 23.

This is just one of the many planned improvements to Monarch Park rolling out over the next few years. As mentioned in my blog post here, there are some neighbourhood residents working together to form a Friends of Monarch Park group which will spearhead the community effort to tweak this already great park into the ultimate outdoor space. The next meeting is Tuesday night (June 12) at 7:00 p.m. in the Monarch Park Collegiate library.  If you're interested in volunteering with this group, and/or have great ideas about how the park could be even better, don't miss this important event.


  1. Passed by the park (as I usually do) today, and the pool was filled and the first section of slide installed!