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Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY on Danforth

Pioneer tried and tried to come up with a zippy way to introduce this post, but to tell you the truth, the subject of *foam* is just not that exciting. What IS exciting, is that we have a great interior design resource right in our midst and it's called Foamite (1494 Danforth).

Our love affair with foam started way back in 2008, when Pioneer decided to set her "wannabe DIY interior designer" gaze towards an empty window seat in our half-empty, newly purchased semi. It needed a custom seat cushion and luckily, we had strolled past Foamite often enough to notice they do "custom cut foam". Once the template was dropped off at the store, it only took a matter of days for the store to complete my order and voila! After only a few sleepless nights of struggling with the sewing machine (a Martha Stewart we are not!), our front entrance had a nice window seat.

We loved Foamite so much, that when it came time to DIY our front porch furniture, Pioneer was back with not one, but two, requests for odd shaped patio furniture cushions. Once again, Foamite was a rockstar and Pioneer's front porch has never been lovelier.

Just recently, a Pioneer neighbour and friend casually mentioned she wanted to make a window seat for her new, gorgeous designer kitchen. Of course, we mentioned Foamite and were surprised to find out that she didn't know about it. Our verdict is that this is truly one of those hidden neighbourhood gems, and a valuable resource for all east end pioneers out there working on beautifying their first homes!

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