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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update on Starbucks

We hope everyone had an amazing long weekend along Danforth East, we know we did!
This is just a follow-up to my post last week about the Starbucks opening up at Plains Rd. &  Coxwell.

Pioneer made an inquiry with the media relations team at Starbucks HQ, not expecting a response to our tiny little community blog. However, within the hour, a lovely PR rep responded to the phone call with more details about the opening.

What we discovered is that the unofficial "official" opening date is June 28 (just around the corner!).

Just as a side note: Pioneer wouldn't normally be touting the opening of a corporate coffee chain around Danforth East. We already have a great java jive going on with a large selection of really amazing local coffee shops to choose from (including the newest kid on the block Circus Coffee). A Starbucks situated along Danforth would definitely affect the success of these businesses, which is what we don't want.
However, the location of this Starbucks (at the northern tip of Coxwell) is actually a great fit and it's far enough away from the Danforth that it won't have that much of an impact on current establishments.

At the very least, it's somewhere to get a decent coffee while gassing up for the 4-hour commute to cottage country!


  1. I totally agree that the location of this Starbucks at (basically) O'Connor is optimal. I'm really glad it's not going to be nearer Danforth, but I'll still glad it's opening—great for commuters and great for us when we're going to visit our families in Durham Region!

  2. Circus coffee is gross!!!! Love True Brew the best.