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Monday, May 14, 2012

Salud to Summer

Pioneer noticed the sign above out front of the Bus Terminal diner a few months ago, and as the warm weather has begun to slowly creep onto the Danforth, a quick check discovered that yes, you can still have a pitcher of sangria for $16 on Thursdays. Nothing says warm weather to Torontonians more than a nice sunny patio and maybe a glass (or pitcher) of this European patio drink of choice.

In the United States, sangria was first tasted at the World's Fair in New York in 1964, however, Toronto's early and diverse European population probably means that sangria has been here at the centre of the universe for much longer than that. This ambrosial concoction is mixed different ways in different places, but is usually a combo of wine, chopped fruit, sometimes a hit of various liquers and a combo of fruit juice and/or carbonated beverage.

Danforth East is lucky to have Relish Bar & Grill (2152 Danforth) in our midst, a great Spanish tapas restaurant that most definitely serves top-notch sangria. Although they don't have a patio (boo hoo!!), their tapas and small plates menu is delectable and worth a visit. Sangria is not on the drinks menu, but they will make it for you as a special order. 

A call into Morgan's, the new pub at Linsmore with a nice patio, revealed that they are working on a new summer menu and a new summer cocktail list (to be debuted within the next week or two) that will include both traditional sangria with red wine and 'Sangria Blanco' made with white wine. Yum!

As a side note, while the patio at the Bus Terminal does not have the greatest view (unless you can re-imagine the Green P parking lot into the plazas of Madrid), a recent search for Mother's Day fare on reveals that it is rated quite high on the list for breakfast and brunch spots in the area. 

So Salud! Raise a toast to summer and this delicious warm weather!

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