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Friday, May 25, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

As Danforth East eases it's way into summer, and our tiny East York semis heat up, lots of us are leaving windows open during the evenings to let the cool night air in. However, I was alarmed to hear an acquaintance relate her run-in with a cat burglar one warm evening this past week. The cheeky fellow had silently removed a screen from an open window and was about to climb into the family abode when he was confronted by the homeowner. In her own words:

"This was a very calm fellow looking for good opportunities with open windows due to the heat wave, not riff raff looking to score drug money. The guy was very tall and lean, dressed completely in black, with gloves and crow bar. He removed one of our big window screens from our back extension and was calmly hiding it beside our garage before returning to enter when I found him and started screaming profanities at him. He leaped over the fence with Olympic ease, despite the fact the gate was open, and fled."

What shocked Pioneer was the realization that the homeowners and their children were upstairs sleeping. This could happen to any of us (well, except Pioneer because we have a beefy shitzu who barks at every tiny little noise, much to our chagrin...). So, please heed this warning and keep those downstairs windows locked!

Disclaimer: do not try this at home! If you are being robbed, please don't confront the bandit - call 911 pronto!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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