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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art of the Danforth 2012

A few years ago, a local woman named Cindy Rozeboom had a vision to turn the Danforth's empty storefronts into a walkable gallery full of art from artists near and far. Although she was not the first to think about creative uses for the derelict storefronts, it was her perseverance and art world know-how that brought to life the first incarnation of Art of the Danforth in 2010. Cindy and her team are back with the next chapter of Art ofthe Danforth and it starts this weekend with the Make A Joyful Noise Parade in East Lynn Park. In Pioneer's opinion, costumes + kids + noise makers = best fun ever.

What's even more exciting is the opportunity to throw paint at total strangers.....wait...say what??? You heard us. As Art of the Danforth describes it: a closed street. 100 gallons of paint. 200 people dressed in white, anxiously waiting to throw paint at each other. The insanity starts at 12:30 p.m. on the nose, this Sunday. Wear white and don't be late. When the 10Minute Paint Fight is over, there will be a living breathing piece of art to behold!

The installations and performances happen between May 20 and June 10 - two full weeks in which our neighbourhood will come alive with art, music and fun. For a full schedule visit

Art of the Danforth exhibit by Real & Barbara Eguchi at Coxwell and Danforth, April 2010.

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