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Thursday, April 19, 2012

We got balls!

It wasn't the "Free food and drink during Leafs playoff games" banner that drew us in, although we know it's getting a lot of attention along the Danforth, and it wasn't the promise of some hot, gooey pizza either. As new Columbo's owner Charlie Pecorella says, 'we got balls' and lots of them. We're talking Italian rice balls, the best rice balls in Toronto and they are right here on the Danforth.

Pioneer first discovered Columbo's (1794 Danforth) during our first rice ball adventure that you can read about here. Back then, it was under different ownership and it was a different rice ball. Since Pecorella took over in 2010, business is booming. A new facelift, some new menu items and an almost total revamp of the original rice ball and voila, it's a winning recipe.

Rice balls, aka Arancini in Italian, are delicious deep fried balls of rice, cheese, veggies and ground beef. There is nothing better when you've been watching the Godfather and are craving some real 'Italiano'! Pecorella says the secret behind his balls, other than the tangy homemade tomato sauce they are drenched in, is that they are fresh and not frozen and his ingredients are prime. Best part: they are only $3.50!

I've tasted these delicacies more than once, and they are now on my top ten list of best takeout ever. Even Daddy Pioneer has been won over (and it didn't take long for Junior Pioneer to become a lifelong fan either!). So, if you haven't ever had a rice ball, stop by and say hi to Charlie and tell him Pioneer sent you. Buon appetito!

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