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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lily of the Danforth

A flyer for the mega-store-that-shall-not-be-named arrived on Pioneer's doorstep touting Easter lillies for $6, and while this seems like the deal of the century, I was sure there had to be a better local option. Cruising the Danforth, I noticed a handful of cheap and cheery flower shops and some florists with nice window displays. It wasn't until I took a chance and stepped inside Percy Waters Florist at 1360 Danforth that I knew I had found my gem!

As I stood outside the doors, I expected to be met with a similar nonchalant nod to what I had received at other local florists. However, as I entered, I was immediately sprung upon by the shop's new store-front manager Scott H. who welcomed me in with an exuberant smile. As we were chatting about Easter flowers, he explained that the store was getting a mini-facelift and some new window displays to fit with the growing neighbourhood.

While perusing the gorgeous Easter floral displays, I noticed a historical photo (see left) that blew me away. Percy Waters has been in business since 1911 - that's over 100 years of flowers! I asked Scott about the $6 deal and he explained that even though his flowers are a little pricier than the mega-store, his lillies will still be sitting pretty long after the bunny has come and gone. And by the looks of things, this venerable institution may just be here long after we're gone too!

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