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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Empty Storefronts

Photo by Catherine Porter, The Toronto Star.

Have any of you ever wandered along Danforth East and noticed empty, deserted and derelict storefronts and wondered why there are so many of them? It's a mystery that's for sure but thanks to DECA's Catharine Porter, it's getting unraveled baby step by baby step.

This week, the Star reporter herself and the Business Revitalization subcommittee of DECA, are bringing a special guest to speak to us about this very issue. Marcus Westbury is a festival director from Newcastle, Australia, a steel town that faced the same type of problem as Danforth East in their downtown core. Westbury took the bull by the horns and almost single-handedly began a revitalization of an area that is now a vibrant artistic community and tourist attraction to boot (you can read more about it here at the Toronto Star:

Westbury is here in Toronto for one night only, and coming to Danforth East to speak about his trials and tribulations and the magic of tranformation. The event is on Wednesday, March 7 and starts at 7:00 at the Naval Club at 1910 Gerrard Street East. Tickets are pay what you can. This is not an event to be missed. See you there!

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