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Monday, February 27, 2012

Coffee Break

T.O's weekly alternative newspaper The Grid recently featured an item on the economics of independent coffee shops in the city, and one key thing that Pioneer took away from reading it is that we need to support Danforth East's coffee shops now more than ever. There are some great little nooks to hit up for your java, so Pioneer thought it would be a good idea to do a recap of the top spots.

1) Seb's Cappuccino: Those in the know, know that Seb's walk-up window is the place to get one of the best cappuccino's in the city. For under $3, it's a steal! 1928 Danforth.

2) Red Rocket: It's the newcomer on the block, and a transplant from Leslieville, where it lived for it's first five years. It offers great coffee and espresso, good ambiance and really, really delicious treats - and free wi-fi! 1364 Danforth.

3) Cozy Cafe: not only can you get a good, inexpensive coffee here, you can also pick up some fresh bread for dinner, relax with some comfort food (like fresh soups and sandwiches) and pig out on some delectable european style treats. A recent facelift by the DECA business revitalization team created a welcoming oasis at the corner of Danforth and Woodbine! 2075 Danforth.

4) True Brew: under new ownership, this comfy little space is a great place to grab a coffee on the go. A little small if you've got a stroller with you, but there is always a friendly local to help with the door. Here is a link to a review by the Toronto Star's Amy Pataki. 2116 Danforth.

5) Last Drop: Service with a smile at the corner of Salmon and Coxwell. A little off the beaten path of Danforth,  locals know that the Brazilian expats who run the place are part of this cafe's charm. A full breakfast and lunch menu means it's easy to linger during a rainy morning over a bagel and a coffee! 459 Sammon Ave.

6) Caketown: While the name is a little bit deceiving (don't expect a display case full of cakes like we did!) this little cafe's specialty is desserts and Pioneer can attest that nothing goes better with a piping-hot Americano than a gluten-free peanut butter cookie. You don't have to fret about bringing your Jr. east enders, as the staff knows how to make a kid-friendly hot chocolate just right and there is plenty of room for strollers. 2039 Danforth.

And one last thing before we wrap up:

Pioneer would like to hear your feedback on the places/events we talk about, so don't be shy about commenting! Did anyone try Morgan's this weekend? And if so, do you agree it's a Danforth gem? Let us know!


  1. really appreciate your blog...I've lived in the neighbourhood for over 20 years and have seen it slowly improving...have been to Caketown alot and love it...very friendly staff and great and tea are delish....

    also love Melanie's bistro and have to give props to Relish for lasting so long in the space we used to call the restaurant graveyard.

    now if only we had a few less grungy bars ..maybe a book store...a decent green grocer..flower shop...and maybe someone could find out why they haven't even started digging the hole for the condos...that will be a great addition if they ever start building it....

    keep up the great work on this blog....

  2. Thanks so much Debbie!! So happy to get feedback!

    You've given me a great idea. As Easter is approaching, it's a good time to start investigating our local florists - one bud at a time! :)

    (and I will look into the condos!)

  3. Caketown is amazing! definitely my go-to. I also love the fresh juices across the street at circus cafe (surprised that wasn't on your list!).

    I really have to explore the other spots though. Thanks for the recos!