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Monday, November 1, 2010

Delish Dish

It's been awhile since Pioneer has been able to post a restaurant review - even though eating (and eating 'out') could be considered one of our "hobbies".

It was girls night this past weekend, and since staying in the 'hood' is always preferred, we found ourselves at relish bar and grill on Danforth. While Pioneer missed the actual dinner portion of the evening, the leading ladies I was with declared the tapas to be 'totally delish'. With perfect timing, my arrival on the scene coincided with the next bottle of wine being opened and the cheese plate being ordered.

The restaurant itself has a comfortable, cozy atmosphere - so cozy, that our neighboring table was slightly amused as Pioneer sporadically yelled out the CFL scores. The staff was also quick and friendly, considering that it was a Friday and every table was occupied.

The highlight of the evening was perhaps the finest martini that we have ever tasted on Danforth - and even beyond. While we've since forgotten the name, the pomegranate and prosecco concoction was to die for.

So next time it's ladies night (or date night!), look no further than Woodbine and Danforth for some mouth-watering tapas, savoury cheese and only a short walk home!

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  1. I too love Relish. Besides yummy cocktails, good wine and small plates, Relish has a fantastic Sunday brunch. The delicious eggs benny with a side of greens make your brunch feel almost healthy. Also of note is the breakfast burrito. The portions are just right, not the usual mountain of mediocre food found at most brunch places. If you do have a bigger appetite, order a side of their spicy roasted potatoes to share.

    For the musicians out there, Relish runs a regular open mike night on Sundays with a great loungy atmosphere.